( Jun. 8th, 2009 08:40 am)
you know how you google for people from your past that you really really want to find but you never have any luck finding the one you want to find the mostest? ok maybe you don't but i have been looking for my foster daughter for just short of 14 years now and have found loads of people with her name and general appearance but they were either too old or too young or a famous actress with the same name. but never ever her. my stepmunchkin (female type) was goofing off on my space tonight and appears to have found her. a place i never opened an account figuring that the munchkin(s) needed a place of her(their) own on the webz.. (she really doesn't qualify as munchkin anymore. she has 3 of her own but still...)to have found the foster-munchkin again after all thses years is a very very good thing. the first really really good thing that's happened in a while. i really

now that its morning i'm just not quite as... wildly optimistic but... still i really would like to know how her life has turned out so far.




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